Students get EGO boost

    EGO, the cordless outdoor power tool specialist, has helped horticulture students put theory into practice at Bridgwater and Taunton College in Somerset. Sixty students from the college’s horticulture, green keeping, sports turf, countryside management and arboriculture courses attended. Apprentices and employers, who are undertaking the exciting new Apprenticeship Standard, were also invited in to take part in this special training day.

    EGO has helped horticulture students put theory into practice at Bridgwater and Taunton College in Somerset.

    Think you know batteries? Think again

    No Loss of Power

    Anyone who has used a Nickel Cadmium cordless tool in the past has experienced the dramatic dip in performance near the end of the battery cycle.

    Our Lithium-ion supplies power that stays the same from start to finish. With more consistent power you can get the job done faster. To a professional gardener, time is money.

    Memory Effect

    Older NiCad batteries suffered from ‘memory effect’. This happens when a battery will no longer charge to full capacity after being charged and discharged several times.

    With our Arc Lithium-ion technology, you have a powerful and long-lasting, high-quality battery that gives you maximum performance.

    What's White, Green and Read?

    Noisy. Dirty. Uncomfortable. Polluting. Not words usually associated with gardening, but terms regularly connected with petrol. A new whitepaper from EGO looks at the benefits of lithium-ion battery versus petrol powered outdoor equipment. Steve Roskell, marketing director (EMEA) of EGO comments: “In the world of professional landscaping and grounds maintenance, petrol has been the fuel of choice for over 100 years – mainly because there has been no viable challenger.

    EGO launches new whitepaper: lithium-ion battery versus petrol powered outdoor equipment.

    Double Award Win for EGO Line Trimmer Technology

    A new cordless line trimmer from EGO has scooped two awards for innovation at top European trade exhibitions. The technology was awarded with GaLaBau’s Innovation Medal in Nuremberg, and a Technology Innovation Award at Bologne’s EIMA exhibition.

    The cordless outdoor power equipment specialist received the coveted accolades for its ST1510E – Power+ Line Trimmer featuring POWERLOAD™ technology; the industry’s first line trimmer tool with a fully automatic line re-loading system.

    New cordless line trimmer from EGO has scooped two awards for innovation at top European trade exhibitions.

    Case Study: Adorn Gardening

    About Adorn Gardening

    Adorn Gardening was born out of Abby Baumber’s passion for getting her fingers green when helping her family around the garden to ‘earn her keep’. After working in childcare for 12 years, Abby realised her love for being outdoors meant she had to take the plunge to have a career in gardening.

    “Ditching petrol has not only made my job more efficient, but it also means I am able to work safely, without affecting the environment or the health of my clients.”

    Independent horticulturists, Adorn Gardening, recently added battery-powered garden tools from EGO to its inventory. Find out how EGO Power+ has benefitted the company and its clients.

    Case Study: St John’s Garden Centre

    About St John’s Garden Centre

    St John’s Garden Centre in Devon is a huge store in Barnstaple, open to the public for all their gardening needs. The centre is also home to a dedicated landscaping team who for 25 years have worked on garden design, ground works and plant suppliers for commercial and domestic garden projects.

    “Anybody who works in the landscaping industry would be crazy not to look at battery power seriously.”

    The landscaping team at St John’s Garden Centre in Devon has always trusted petrol over electric when it came to garden tools until they took the plunge and introduced EGO Power+ to their inventory.

    Case Study: Ken Walker

    Ken’s Story

    Ken Walker spent most of his working life as a Royal Marine delivering boats around the world, a world away from gardening. He had little experience or interest in grounds and gardening until one visit to his mother at her care home on the South Coast five years ago.

    “I’d tell anyone who has ready access to power, that you really do need to hook up with EGO.”

    To start a business, you need the right equipment. Find out how the EGO Power+ range helped Ken Walker create a small grounds maintenance company.

    Case Study: Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

    About Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

    Founded in 1870, the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club is thought to be the sixth oldest golf club in the world. It has two world class courses, The Balgownie Course and Silverburn Course. The club received its royal patronage from King Edward VII in 1903. It has hosted notable professional golf tournaments including the 2005 British Senior Open, 2011 Walker Cup, and 2014 Scottish Open.

    “People should seriously consider EGO’s cordless technology. They’ll be surprised at what it can do, and how well it does it.”

    To improve the course, golfing experience and reduce costs, the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club has invested in EGO Power+ equipment to look after one of the world’s most famous golf courses.

    How to edge lawns using a strimmer

    Best tools for lawn edging

    We recommend a cordless battery-powered or electric lawn edger tool, which is suitable for small and large areas. 

    The EGO range of line trimmers is quieter, doesn’t give off emissions (like a petrol model) and has less vibration. Also, you don’t have to worry about power cables being long enough or getting in the way.

    The line strimmer (or strimmer) isn’t a garden tool designed for edging lawns but, if you don’t have a lawn edger, it can step up.