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Full Description

Team up your EGO Power+ tools with our BAX1300 Backpack Battery
Balancing exceptional power with user comfort, EGO’s Lithium ion BAX1300 backpack is ergonomically designed to keep you working all day long. The battery pack can be removed from the harness* allowing the battery to be shared amongst multiple users, each with their own harness. To ensure optimum performance, efficiency and longevity, these high energy capacity batteries incorporate intelligent individual cell monitoring and balancing, both when it’s powering a tool and when it’s recharging.

Designed to perform, built to last
Delivering the run times you demand, EGO Power+ backpack batteries can give you a full day's work** from a single charge. The high-quality cells with both high power rating and high energy density can handle up to 1,000 charge cycles. Plus, with fast recharging you can go from empty to full in just 3.5 hours.

Flexible Performance
With long run times and user-comfort EGO Power+ backpack batteries are perfect for all-day use. They’re compatible with all EGO Power+ tools, and as the battery is on the harness and not the tools, they are lighter and even easier to handle.

*Note the harness straps are supplied with padded comfort straps and may appear different.
**Dependent on the tool and based on an 8 hour working day.
AFH1300 Frame & Harness and ADB1000 adapter not included.

Product Specification
Capacity 23 Ah
Capacity 1299 Wh
Weight 7.8 kg
Harness Detachable
Charging CH5500E
Life Cycle Up to 1000 cycles
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