Where To Buy EGO Power+

EGO Power+ products are available via specialist retailers online or find your local stockist below.

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    Or Buy Online

    A range of specialist online retailers stock the full range of EGO Power+ products. To visit our UK distributor's EGO website, please see below:


    You can purchase EGO products from any one of our approved garden machinery dealers or from selected specialist online retailers.


    EGO Power+ does not sell directly to the customer. 

    We work with a network of approved service dealers that spans the whole of Europe. With stores in all areas, you will find one local and convenient to you. 

    We’re immensely proud of the expertise and enthusiasm of our dealer network. When you purchase an EGO product from one of our approved service dealers, they will give you expert advice, information and support ensuring you purchase the right tool for the right job. They will also provide service support to keep your tools running for years to come.

    EGO Power+ Extended Warranty

    EGO Power+ products come with extended warranties up to five years when registered within 30 days of purchase. Read our warranty information for more details.