You can purchase the full range of EGO Power+ products from a local garden equipment store or from selected specialist online retailers.

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    Or Buy Online

    A range of specialist online retailers stock the full range of EGO Power+ products, some of which are listed below:


    EGO Power+ does not sell directly to the customer. We work with a network of approved service dealers that spans the UK. With stores in all areas, you will find one local and convenient to you. 

    We’re immensely proud of our dealer network – their expertise and enthusiasm is first class. When you purchase an EGO product from one of our approved service dealers, they are able to give you expert advice, information and support. They can also provide a diagnostic service to keep your tools running for years to come. In 2020 we launched a new diagnostic tool to help our dealers help you. 

    We value the quality and integrity of our retail partners and continually work with them to improve the quality of customer service they offer. They have good ongoing relationships with our sales teams. Each year, we get together with them at an established annual dealer event. 

    In 2020, we launched a quarterly dealer newsletter that will help us keep them up to date with promotions, new products and innovations and other critical information EGO customers need to know.