EGO Power+ Blowers
Powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor, the EGO Power+ blowers feature jet turbine technology and large diameter tube to give maximum airflow.

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.


Blows petrol powered blowers out of the water. Powered by a high efficiency brushless motor and featuring jet turbine technology with a large diameter tube for maximum airflow.

  • This is the best blower ever!!

    I have had this for a month and love it! It is lightweight, battery charges fast, and is great for blowing leaves, fir needles, and whatever else falls on my long, cement driveway! One does not need to run this on high power, or with the turbo - that just used up the battery faster

    Leaf Lady
  • Great Blower

    This blower has never failed me in two years of use. It has the power to lift wet, stuck maple seeds, dirt, leaves, sticks and most debris you will find on sidewalks and driveways. The variable setting is very useful and the turbo thumb button is easily pressed to get more power to blast stuff away.

  • Just love it

    I am a Grandma approaching 70 and I purchased this after reading the reviews. Living in the north woods I needed all the power this wonderful tool has. My yard is quite large and the battery recharges very quickly. As far as power it has lots, and the balance is great.

    Up North Grandma
  • Blower

  1. Large Blower Tube

    Greater diameter delivers maximum airflow

  2. Variable Speed Control

    Adjust between 440m3/h and 675m3/h

  3. Turbo Boost Mode

    For a 900m3/h petrol-blower beating output

  4. High-Efficiency Brushless Motor

    Delivers more power and greater run time

  5. Turbine Fan Engineering

    Utilises advanced aeronautics technology

EGO Power+ Backpack Blower

The Backpack Blower that packs a punch. Big jobs need big power. And that's what the EGO Power+ backpack blower delivers.

  • Backpack Blower

  1. Comfortable and sturdy backpack frame

    For comfort during long periods of use

  2. Adjustable Handle

    For greater reach, control and comfort

  3. Power Setting Switch

    For efficient power management

  4. Variable Speed Trigger

    For precise blowing

  5. Variable Length Tube

    For greater comfort and control

  6. Flexible Bellows Tube

    Gives greater flexibility and comfort whilst using

  7. High Powered Brushless Motor

    Delivers high air volume and speed

  8. Compatible with all EGO


  • Variable speed

    For precise blowing.
    (Selected models only)

  • Turbo boost mode

    Extra power for those
    hard to move objects.
    (Selected models only)

  • Jet turbine technology

    With large diameter tube to give maximum airflow

Compare Models
  LB6000E / LB6002E LB4800E / LB4801E LB5300E LB5750E LBX6000 (Commercial Range)
Constant Speed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run Time 2.5Ah 5.0Ah 7.5Ah 2.0Ah 5.0Ah 7.5Ah 2.5Ah 5.0Ah 7.5Ah 2.5Ah 5.0Ah 7.5Ah With BAX1500 Battery
Low Speed - Up to 120 mins - Up to 60 mins Up to 150 mins Up to 225 mins Up to 75 mins Up to 150 mins Up to 225 mins - Up to 150 mins Up to 225 mins Up to 250 mins
High Speed - Up to 22 mins - Up to 18 mins Up to 45 mins Up to 70 mins Up to 22 mins Up to 44 mins Up to 66 mins - Up to 18 mins Up to 25 mins Up to 100 mins
Boost - Up to 15 mins - Up to 10 mins Up to 25 mins Up to 35 mins Up to 10 mins Up to 20 mins Up to 30 mins - - - Up to 70 mins
Air Volume (m3/h) 440 850 1020 420 650 810 440 675 900 440 977 - 1079
Air Speed (km/h) 80 160 192 72 120 148 80 136 176 80 212 - 212
Force (N) - 19 - - - 13 - - 16 - 18 - 20
Speed Setting - Variable speed with boost Variable speed with boost Variable speed with boost 4 level settings and boost
Weight Without Battery - 2.3g 2.2kg 2.2kg 2.7kg
Motor Type Brushless Brushless Brushless Brushless Brushless
Noise Rating 83LpA / 97LwA 82LpA / 97LwA 82LpA / 97LwA 83LpA / 95LwA 80LpA / 93LwA
Vibration (m/s2) 1.5 1.1 1.35 1.4 2.5