EGO Power+ Batteries & Chargers
Our unique patented Arc Lithium Battery

Designed like no other battery. Performs like no other battery.

Our revolutionary Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers the industry's highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery. With a range of battery sizes available from 2.0Ah to 7.5Ah, choose the power you need to tackle any task.

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.

EGO Power+ Battery & Charger

EGO Power+ Arc Lithium delivers the industry's highest capacity. Learn about our unique patented 56V Arc Lithium Battery which can be fully charged in just 25 mins. 

  • Very pleased

    I was impressed by the two amp hour battery that came with the trimmer, but I'm really impressed with the larger battery that came with the mower! The battery life is phenomenal and the power that it delivers is unlike anything I've ever seen.

  • Industry best charge time

    Run-time with the EGO is better. Power is excellent and as good as the Echo. But charge time is where these batteries really make a difference. With the EGO fast charger, the 4Ah battery goes from completely depleted to fully charged in a half hour.

  • Wow what a battery

    This battery is cutting edge technology, charges in half an hour and runs for 45 minutes just as described and so great not to have to mess about with petrol cans any more.


  1. Exterior Mounted Battery

    Stays cool to deliver longer lasting power

  2. Power Management System

    Shows battery's remaining power level

  3. Unique 'Keep Cool'™ Technology

    Maintains performance by preventing overheating

  4. Innovative Arc-Shaped Design

    Lowers temperature across the battery

  • Commercial Backpack Battery

  1. Water resistant harness


  2. Comfortable and sturdy backpack system

    For comfort during long periods of use

  3. Retractable carrying handle
  4. LED fuel gauge
  5. High current capacity cable
  6. Managed air vents
  7. 12V and USB charging points
  8. Robust cable and plug

    Designed for the toughest conditions

  • Rapid & Standard Charger

  1. LED Charging / Diagnostics indicator

    Displays battery level and recharge status

  2. Unique dual fan-cooled charging system

    Battery starts charging sooner and finishes faster

  3. Fan-cooled Charging System

    Cools the battery so that charging can start earlier and finish sooner

  4. LED Charging / Diagnostics Indicator

    Constant feedback on battery status and recharge levels

  • Commercial Charger


    Constant feedback on battery status and recharge levels


    Rapid mode. Push button to activate fast charge

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Performance statistics
Model BA1400 BA2800 BA4200 BAX1300 BAX1500
Battery (AH) 2.5Ah 5.0Ah 7.5Ah 23Ah 28Ah
Capacity (WH) 140 280 420 1299Wh at 56v rated 1568Wh at 56v rated
Charge times Rapid charger: CH5500E 30 mins 40 mins 60 mins 210 mins 240 mins
Standard charger: CH2100E 50 mins 100 mins 145 mins - -
Commercial Charger: CHX5500E - - - Default: 300 mins
Rapid: N/A
Default: 420 mins
Rapid: 210 mins
Weight 1.2kg 2.2kg 2.8kg 7.8kg 9.0kg