Ego Cordless Line Trimmer
Ego Cordless Line Trimmer


Robust and powerful cordless trimmers and brush cutters, including the world’s first self-winding line trimmer.

The EGO Power+ range includes line trimmers and brush butters with different sizes of cutting swathes and speeds suitable for smaller gardens, right up to professional standard models with convenient user-friendly features.

Our range includes the world’s first self-winding line trimmers with Powerload™ technology. The line trimmer kits come with an ARC Lithium™ 56V battery, which run the tools with minimal noise, emit zero emissions, and vibrate less than petrol equivalents.


Looking for your manual but can't find your tool? Visit our Manuals & Safety Sheets page.


EGO Power+ Line Trimmers

Watch our Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter in action. Quick adjust handle, speed selection and large cutting swathe are just a few of the benefits.


See our line cutters in action and learn more about the EGO Power+ battery system – one battery fits all tools, and it delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity.


EGO Power+ products come with extended warranties up to five years when registered within 30 days of purchase. Read our warranty information for more details. 

  • Great bit of kit, best line strimmer I ever had

    Great product powerful easy to control and use and I love the power head so easy to rewind a new line

    Nick L
  • Great addition to my garden tools

    Really enjoying this, great for my large garden from tiding edges to tackling large overgrown areas, it's been able to cope the best. Easy too use no mixing petrol, or struggling to start. Pick up and go

    Steven T
  • Fantastic product

    This trimmer is quiet and powerful. Not at all what I was expecting. EGO has gone above and beyond with their products and have blown the competition away. I have used electric equipment before with poor results. The EGO Trimmer is fantastic.

  • Very powerful

    Brilliant - very powerful and none of the draw-backs of more traditional petrol strimmers. I really like the power line-feed function on this model. It’s going to make life so much easier when the line needs replacing. As with ANY powerful line strimmer, wearing appropriate attire/safety equipment is essential.

  • EGO Trimmer

    Easy to use no restringing required just insert string in holes and it winds itself really pleased with this Trimmer also when you bump on ground more string comes out and it works unlike some other strimmers

  • Great Product

    Great not to have to be mixing fuel, press the button and away you go, great to see good battery products coming onto the market like EGO

  • Best strimmer I have ever had

    Great piece of kit. Slow start when you squeeze the triggers is good as it allows you time to put the strimmer head where you want to without the speedy start of other strimmer. Light and well balanced. Will cut with the bump feed placed on the ground which means you can walk and strim without fear of removing too much grass. Recommended.

  • 38cm Line Trimmer

  1. Rapid Reload Bump Feed Head

    For quick and easy line refilling

  2. Speed Selection Switch

    With safety lock-off for improving safety

  3. Harness Point

    For comfortable and efficient use

  4. Efficient and Powerful Brushless Motor

    For longer running times

  5. Adjustable Handles

    For greater comfort and more compact storage

  6. Solid Steel Drive Shaft
  7. Rapid Reload Bump Feed Head

    For quick and easy line refilling


  1. Three-sided Brush Cutter Blade
  2. Speed Selection Switch

    With safety lock-off for improving safety

  3. Harness Point

    For comfortable and efficient use

  4. Efficient and Powerful Brushless Motor

    For longer running times

  5. Adjustable Handles

    For greater comfort and more compact storage

  6. Solid Steel Drive Shaft
  • Quick-adjust handle

    For optimum balance and control.

  • Soft-start function and
    constant-speed control

    Ensures consistent trimming every time.

  • Cut faster with less vibration

    With easy line replacement and twin line trimming.

Tools built for comfortable operation and fast cutting

EGO’s range of cordless line trimmers includes options suitable for different types of terrain and even the toughest rough ground; wider handles for control over larger areas and bigger tasks, single-shoulder and double-shoulder harnesses for extra comfort and support, plus a brush cutter blade head for tackling tougher undergrowth.

They have cutting widths that range from 33cm to 38cm and have two speed or variable speed options. The quick-adjust loop-handle can be positioned for optimum balance and control, while the large cutting swathe cuts any task down to size. 

One model has a standard bump feed head, one has a rapid reload bump feed head, and two have the world’s first automatic line feeding technology: Powerload™. Built with ease-of-use in mind, ergonomic design, super-fast charging and groundbreaking Powerload™ have created a truly revolutionary tool. 

Weights range from 2.7kg (very light) to 4.2kg (still very wieldy) without a battery inserted. Kits for the two heaviest line trimmers include a single shoulder harness and our Professional range brush cutter comes with a double-shoulder harness for optimal comfort and even distribution of weight.

Our cordless brush cutters are designed to tackle dense undergrowth and vegetation. They are robust performance tools with three-sided steel blades, or can be equipped with our Rotocut blade. As with the trimmers, the brushless motors enhance efficiency and last longer. One model has interchangeable heads, so you can use it as a brush cutter or a 38cm line trimmer.

We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied, they come with an excellent warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.


The power behind our battery trimmers and brush cutters

Each model in the EGO range of cordless line trimmers and brush cutters are compatible with any EGO battery. Each kit includes a 2.5Ah battery and charger. You can keep cutting right to the end of your lawn and not worry about the length and safety of your power cord, or refilling the petrol tank.

Our unique patented 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries provide you with the power you need to tackle any task. They are long lasting and available in different sizes too. Keep Cool™ Technology keeps them working long and hard and prolongs their life, too.

All our batteries are interchangeable across the entire EGO cordless range, not just line trimmers and brush cutters. As the batteries go up in size, so does the power capacity and run time.

A cordless trimmer and brush cutter for every garden

Our range has been designed to meet a wide range of requirements, from the small lawn to the large, spacious grassy areas. 

Each includes essential features and accessories that make trimming and brush cutting less laborious - even a pleasure.

For example, our go-to for small gardens is the EGO Power+ ST1300E-S line trimmer. This two-speed model has a 33cm cutting swathe with a bump head line feed for ongoing line replenishment.

At the other end of the scale is the EGO Power+ ST1510E line trimmer. This model has a 38cm cutting swathe but is still lightweight. Its superpower is Powerload™, the world's first self-winding trimmer head!

The EGO Power+ BC3800E 30cm brush cutter is a small domestic model that benefits from a three-sided steel blade - not to be under-estimated! Comes with a 38cm line trimmer head that’s easy to swap over, and a double shoulder harness with protective hip pad. You can also add our Rotocut blade for more dense build-up of grass, weeds or moss on concrete, pathways or verges.

Again, at the top end, the EGO Power+ STX3800 is our Professional-X range loop handle line trimmer and brush cutter. It’s compatible with both the backpack and Pro-X harness, so you can distribute the weight comfortably.

For stubborn vegetation, the EGO Power+ RTX2300 Rotocut is also a Professional-X tool. This is an attachment for our indispensable multi-tool, the STX3800/BCX3800, ST1530E or the BC3800E.