You may think that state-of-the-art technology is more expensive. A key driver of EGO’s commitment to innovation is to create superior alternatives to petrol that are also cost-effective. And we’ve succeeded.


Petrol-powered outdoor tools have been a reliable source for gardeners, trade and domestic alike, for many years. Users cite that power and reliability are key factors in not making the switch to battery, despite the immediate health benefits that making the switch would bring.

However, advancements in battery technology now provides a solid argument in moving away from petrol, adding to the long list of benefits in switching to battery. These benefits include zero emissions, no fuel costs, excellent power, reduction in noise levels, minimised vibration, lower maintenance costs, improved safety and greater versatility.

We took 3 EGO garden tools (Hedge Trimmer HTX7500, Line Trimmer STX3800 and Leaf Blower LBX6000) and compared them to their petrol powered equivalents.

Average Annual Power Cost

  • Electric cost at £142.80*
    3 EGO battery garden tools
  • Petrol cost at £1,561.10*
    3 comparative petrol garden tools


Now we can see the annual cost of charging your battery is significantly cheaper, lets look at the total cost of ownership over the next 5 years (between 2022 and 2026).

5-year Total Cost of Ownership (tool purchase + running costs):

•    Electric at £2,793.98 (Average annual cost of £558.80)
3 EGO battery powered garden tools, 2 x 10Ah batteries, a backpack harness and rapid charger
•    Petrol at £9,462.49 (Average annual cost of £1,892.50)
3 comparative petrol garden tools


Based on a customer purchasing three tools from the Professional-X range – the HTX7500 hedge trimmer, STX3800 line trimmer and LBX6000 leaf blower, plus 2 x 10.0Ah batteries, rapid charger and backpack harness to run all three tools, and petrol-powered equivalent tools and fuel.
Professional-X Range Petrol
Initial outlay year 1  
& Chargers
Cost Year 1
Inc purchase of tools
Inc purchase of tools
Year 1 saving
Cost Year 2
Recharge cost only
Fuel and servicing
Year 2 saving
Cost Year 3
Recharge cost only
Fuel and servicing
Year 3 saving
Cost Year 4
Recharge costs only
Fuel and servicing
Year 4 saving
Cost Year 5
Recharge cost only
Fuel and servicing
Year 5 saving
Total cost
of ownership
Saving at year 5 by investing in cordless
  • These estimates have been calculated according to average kWh pricing in the UK, and the cost of petrol mix based on published UK pricing.
  • Fuel consumption - running these machines for 6 hours a day for 170 days a year.
  • To calculate annual costs, the change in price over the past 5 years has been applied as an average to the next 5 years to get a very rough estimate as to how prices change.


Our tools are not required to have yearly servicing to meet the warranty terms, though we do advise regular checks for optimal running. Service costs vary per garden tool - roughly between £80 and £140 (the zero-turn ride-on would be slightly more). You would incur nominal costs for minor maintenance like blade sharpening.

For servicing of petrol tools, we took an average price of 5 quotes we were provided, and they are broken down as follows:

-          Leaf Blowers £80

-          Hedge Trimmers £120

-          Line Trimmers £110


Our technology is what makes these savings possible. Aside from the fact our tools can out-perform petrol for running times, our tools are quieter, cleaner, and easier to handle, part in thanks to the ARC Lithium 56V battery.

Our batteries are designed for optimal performance and an enhanced life span (and comes with extended warranty for up to 3-years). Features include:

-          Exterior mounted battery: Stays cool to deliver longer lasting power

-          Power management system: Shows battery’s remaining power level

-          Unique “Keep CoolTM” Technology: Maintains performance by preventing overheating

-          Innovative ARC-shaped design: Lowers temperature across the battery

-          Flexible battery system: Any EGO battery can be used in any EGO tool

-          Easy set-up and starting: Just click in the battery and get to work. No pull cords here

-          Saves time: EGO’s rapid charger refuels the 10.0Ah battery in 70 minutes

EGO Power+ Extended Warranty

EGO Power+ batteries come with extended warranties up to three years when registered within 30 days of purchase. Read our warranty information for more details.