EGO Power+ Cordless Mowers
Tackle any size lawn with less noise, lower running and service
costs and zero emissions with the EGO Power+ mower range.

EGO Power+ products come with extended warranties up to five years when registered within 30 days of purchase. Read our warranty information for more details. 


Cuts like a petrol mower. Just cuts out the petrol. Discover our significantly quieter, zero emission mowers which offer you lower service costs and a variety of large cutting capacities.

  • Goodbye gas

    Have owned this mower for 2+ years now and love it. The freedom from gas and oil, and all the complications of a gas engine is so great.

  • Best purchase ever

    I purchased this Lawn Mower 2 years ago and it has been a complete dream. No more gas or oil to worry about, just charge and go

  • Best cordless mower ever!

    Powerful. Lighter than my previous cordless. Battery removal is easy! Mulches well, and makes bagging leaves a whole lot more efficient. Cuts grass well, stores adequately.


  1. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Motor

    Cut at a speed that suits you

  2. Push Button Start

    Power up in seconds

  3. Quick Release Telescopic Handle
  4. Large Capacity Bag

    Collects more grass and requires emptying less frequently

  5. High Torque, High-Efficiency Motor

    For greater comfort and control

  6. Large DIameter Wheels

    For easy motion

  7. 6-Position Spring Loaded Deck Height Adjustment

    Set heights from 28-94mm

  8. LED Headlights

    Work further into the day

  • Variable speed

    The self-propelled motor keeps you in control as you cut.
    (Selected models only)

  • 3-in-1 functionality

    Cut, bag or drop clippings
    - it's up to you.

  • Folds flat

    The easy-fold design makes cleaning and storage simple.