The best features of EGO’s new, innovative rechargeable light

Our LT1000E Portable Area Light is compact, easy to charge, weather resistant, and has a long-lasting battery - a suitable companion for flood lighting, ambient lighting and emergency lighting.

The best features of EGO’s new, innovative rechargeable light

The LT1000E is the must-have portable light to keep on hand. It’s one of the smallest and brightest of its kind – plus it’s easy to set up and operate. This portable area light is packed with features for indoor and outdoor use including leisure, work, and during an emergency.

The Portable Area Light’s top features

1. Adjustable brightness

Adjustable from 600-10,000 lumens, EGO’s rechargeable light can be set low enough to give an ambient mood lighting – like garden lighting. It’s also bright enough to illuminate an area where you need good visibility – as a rechargeable LED work light or to provide emergency lighting or warnings.

2. Compact design

The LT1000E portable light has been designed to be compact and easily portable. Simply fold in the side panels (and hooks if using to hang it from rafters) to transform the tool into a compact box, then lift and transport by using the integrated handle.

After use, it’s easy to find a suitable place to store it. The portable light’s compact design means it can be stored away easily wherever you can – for example, the garden shed, garage or kitchen cupboard - and set up again quickly.

3. Easy setup and configuration

  • First, choose the spot where you are going to set up the LT1000E. We recommend a space where the ground is relatively level if using it on the floor or with a tripod (not included). 
  • Carefully unfold the side panels and turn the lock-knob anti-clockwise to release the upper panel.
  • Rotate the lock-knob clockwise to secure the upper panel to the angle you need and pivot the side panels similarly.
  • Making sure the battery is charged, align the battery ribs with the mounting slots, and press the battery pack down until you hear a ‘click’.
  • Press the power button on the portable light briefly to turn it on. To increase/decrease the brightness, press the +/- buttons.
  • Configure the light settings to your needs by using the ‘Panel Select’ button, which will toggle between panel configurations.
  • To access the Emergency Mode, simply press and hold the ‘Panel Select’ button for 2-3 seconds and the light will switch into emergency mode – this means all four panels will flash to attract attention.

4. Tripod and rafter hooks

The LT1000E portable light is equipped with tripod mounting holes, so it can be assembled to stand clear of mud or damp surfaces. Its rafter hooks mean you can hang the light overhead to set up ambient lighting – for example, as a camping light or garden lighting - or for brightly illuminating a specific area when you need to see your surroundings very clearly. 

5. Standard USB-A port

Conveniently, the LT1000E rechargeable light comes with a USB-A port that you can use to charge your other devices, like your mobile phone. Even if the EGO portable area light is turned off during USB charging, it will continue to charge your connected USB device for another 2 hours.

6. Long and efficient run time

The LT1000E rechargeable light can last up to 35 hours on a single charge, depending on how bright you have it and the size of 56V battery you’re using. This is plenty of charge for a weekend away at your favourite remote camping spot, or to provide light during a power failure, for example. That said, it won’t take much time at all to recharge the battery when you return. 

7. Automatic shut-off

When folding the top panel of the battery between 5-10° of the lower panel, the automatic shut-off will cut the power - meaning all you need to do when you’ve finished using the LT1000E, is fold it away and it will turn off to preserve its charge.

The portable light also has a brightness function that stops it overheating when you’re using it in ‘Boost’ mode. It will automatically shift down to brightness level 5 (6,400lm) after about an hour of operation in ‘Boost’ mode. If this happens, allow the panels to cool down before activating ‘Boost’ once more.

8. Weather resistant construction

As with the majority of our cordless garden tools, the LT1000E portable light is IPX4 weather resistant. This means it’s protected from splashing water from any angle, much like use in the rain (although we’d advise keeping it protected from the elements as much as possible when in use).  

Where you can use the LT1000E Portable Area Light

  • Work – keep working for longer, indoors and outdoors, in safety. The IPX4 weather resistant construction makes it the perfect rechargeable LED work light for construction workers, painters & decorators, and highway maintenance. 
  • Emergencies – it can provide illumination or a bright, flashing alert in the event of an emergency, such as Blue Light motorway accidents or breakdowns on remote roads.
  • Mood lighting - its adjustable brightness can be utilised to create ambience as a garden light, taking the party into the early hours.
  • Outdoors & sports - its compact design and long running times make it an ideal camping light or for other outdoor activities, including sports like fishing and 5-aside. 

Whatever you decide to use the LT1000E for, read the manual before using. All EGO manuals can be found on product pages, along with warranty information and product specifications.