Best cordless lawn mower 2020

These electric lawnmowers are wireless, convenient and ready to roll

Replace your tired old push-along with one of the best no-fuss cordless lawn mowers in town. For you, lawn, the turf war is over

Best Cordless Lawn Mower | Best Battery Lawn Mower | UK 2020


Best cordless mower for really large lawns – a very high-end turf terminator


Power: 40v

Deck size: 50cm

Cutting height: 25-95mm

Grass collector: 60L

Weight: 28kgs

Average run time: 35-45 mins


+Vari-speed self propulsion+Huge grass collector+Wide steel cutting deck+Fast charging


-Pretty damn weighty

Buy the Ego LM2014E-SP from an Ego Power+ Stockist

There's no two ways about it – this green reaper is a monster. It weighs almost as much as a petrol-driven machine but then it does come equipped with a gargantuan 7.5Ah, 56-volt Li-Ion battery that looks like a powerup from Halo.

Also onboard are vari-speed self propulsion and LED headlights for… er, gardening at night? If you have about half an acre of lawn to mow and can't be arsed with pushing, then this is the model for you. 

Its wide 50cm blade – biggest on test – scythes through everything with aplomb and keeps on going for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.

The huge 60-litre grass collector, meanwhile, ensures fewer trips to the compost heap. The Ego also folds up surprisingly small and can be stored upright, or – if you have the muscles of Hercules and can lift it – on your garage wall.