Best features of a ride on mulching mower

There are certain features that stand out above the rest when it comes to choosing a mower that is ideal for mulching.

Best features of a ride on mulching mower

There are a lot of benefits to mulching, and having a ride on mower that gives you the benefits as well as comfort is truly the best of both worlds. 

We guide you through the best features of a ride on mulching mower that gives you the healthiest looking lawn this growing season. 

What to look for

Certain features of a ride on mulching mower make it stand out from the crowd. From manoeuvrability to cutting range and stability - they all play a part when it comes to identifying the best features of a mulching ride on mower.


Good manoeuvrability is essential on a ride on mulching mower. Not only will you be able to mulch all areas of your lawn, but also around the circular base of your garden trees or other obstacles, too. 

Ride on mulching mowers that have good manoeuvrability are usually equipped with an innovative precision steering wheel, like the EGO ZT4201E-S.  A precision steering wheel paired up with the ability to turn on the spot makes it easy to mulch all areas of your garden. 


A ride on mulching mower will need a good deal of power if it is to mow, mulch and scatter the grass out across the lawn. Not to mention propelling the mower itself so you don’t just stay in one spot. 

All EGO ride on mulching mowers deliver the equivalent of a 22-horsepower petrol engine, and harness a maximum of 72ah from 6 x 12Ah batteries. Not only is this sufficient power to cut and mulch grass cleanly and efficiently, but you can also tailor the combination of batteries, to suit the lawn you’re cutting. 

Alternate cutting options

A key feature of a mulching ride on mower is having the option to seamlessly switch from mulching to side discharge, or collecting. The reality is that you don’t want a one-trick-pony stored in your garden shed, that’s only fit for mowing and nothing else. 

Often mowers have a function that allows you to switch easily from collecting, scattering, mulching and more. Look for a mower that allows you to seamlessly switch between these functions so you get the most use out of it. 


This is a big one for those that have exceptionally large areas to mow. We don’t need to state the obvious here and explain why refilling or recharging your mower every hour would be inconvenient and environmentally unfriendly. 

With that being said, EGO ride on mulching mowers can last up to 2.5 acres on a single charge. This combined with one of the industries fastest chargers, there is never an inconvenient moment when your mower runs out of power. 


There’s a good chance you own a ride on mulching mower to make the task of mowing your lawn a lot easier than with a push mower. This is especially true if your lawn is sloping too. 

Stability of your mulching ride on mower is crucial for this environment - the last thing you want is your mower to topple over when you turn it around on a slope. A balanced, low-profile design, like with the EGO ZT5201E-L Z6,  means that this risk is eliminated. 

Maintaining your ride on mower

All EGO ride on lawn mowers come with a manual that details how you can properly maintain your lawn mower. You can also find and download a manual for your EGO tool from the bottom of any of our product pages.

EGO lawn mowers come with at least 5 years warranty for domestic use, however this doesn’t cover faults caused by improper storage. All the more reason to keep your lawn mower maintained in accordance with our manuals