Contenders for best cordless lawn mowers

Read our useful breakdown of the best mowers most ideally suited for your mowing needs.

Contenders for best cordless lawn mowers

Soon it will be time to give your lawn its first mow of the year. However, depending on what you plan to do with your lawn, there are some EGO lawn mowers that are more suited to the task than others. 

What are the categories?

Each and every cordless lawn mower has a speciality it is exceptional at. The specialities we have chosen are:

  1. Mulching 
  2. Stripes
  3. Limited storage
  4. Large areas

1. Best battery powered lawn mower for stripes

If you’re wondering what the best battery lawnmower for stripes is, EGO has several cordless lawn mowers that are compatible with the EGO rear roller kit. They are designed specifically to give you that aesthetic, stripey lawn. 

The cordless lawn mower that stands out for us to give you that patterned lawn look is the LM1903E-SP

EGO’s best-selling mower is compatible with the AR1900 rear roller kit. Quick and easy to attach, the roller kit can give you stripes, as well the ability to roll out divots and other imperfections in your lawn. 

The lawn mower itself is self-propelled and lightweight. Paired up with the rear roller kit, it’s the perfect tool to give you that striped effect. 

2. Best battery lawn mower for storage

All EGO self-propelled cordless lawn mowers have an easy-fold design that makes them handy to store, particularly in cluttered garden sheds. That being said, the EGO LM1701E push lawn mower is an adept alternative to our self-propelled mowers.

With its 42cm cutting capacity and 2.5Ah removable battery, this battery lawn mower is small, compact and lightweight. These qualities make it easy to manoeuvre to pockets of your shed as you find space for other tools, like the ST1300E-S grass trimmer.

3. Best battery powered lawn mower for mulching

The criteria for a cordless lawn mower that is ideal for mulching is:

  • Powerful enough so the lawn mower doesn’t become blocked when mowing short or long grass
  • Cuts grass into small pieces so it rots down quickly and provides your lawn with fertility
  • A removable collection bag so you can choose to manually throw the grass clippings on your lawn or let the cordless mower do the work

For example, the EGO LM2135E-SP self-propelled cordless lawn mower fits this criteria perfectly and is ideal for mulching. 

With a large 52cm cutting deck, and a powerful 7.5Ah battery - it is perfect for mulching large areas with no risk of becoming blocked. Supplied with a removable bag, you can easily switch between mulching or collection.

4. Best battery lawn mower for large garden

Mowing a large area with a push mower is time consuming, harder work than it needs to be and therefore not ideal. Therefore our contenders for this category have been chosen from EGO’s selection of ride-on lawn mowers

Specifically, the EGO ZT4201E-S is absolutely a contender for the best lawn mower for large areas. Equipped with six 12Ah batteries, the Z6 delivers the equivalent power of a 22 horsepower engine, so you can mow large areas quickly and with little difficulty. 

Additionally, coming with a precision steering wheel, EGO’s battery ride-on lawn mower drives like a zero-turn mower which means you can easily turn on the spot and mow a missed patch of grass.