How to store your cordless lawn mower for the winter

Follow this guide to ensure your cordless lawn mower and its battery are stored correctly over winter.

How to store your cordless lawn mower for the winter

Winter is on the way, which means proper storage of your cordless lawn mower is to be taken care of. From rust, corrosion and freezing batteries, to risking an introduction of garden diseases, these can all be avoided if you follow the guide below.

Lawn mower storage over winter

Freezing temperatures and damp weather conditions can cause problems to your lawn mower if you do not take proper care of it before storing it away for the winter.

Before storage

No matter which EGO mower you own, from the EGO Z6 zero-turn ride-on mower, or the EGO LM2135E-SP self-propelled mower, we recommend you:

  1. Make sure the battery and safety key are removed, and the battery compartment is closed. 
  2. Wearing gloves or first removing the blade(s), scrape and clean off grass clippings, soil and other debris from all areas of the mower, most importantly, the mower deck. We recommend that you remove the excess by hand (a battery leaf blower is just as good) and wash off the remainder with a damp cloth and brush. You can always dispose of the debris by throwing it on your compost pile
  3. Thoroughly wipe all areas with a clean, dry cloth
  4. Sharpen the blades at this point so it’s ready to cut grass optimally come the spring 
  5. If you own a LM2135E-SP mower, lubricate the bearings on both rear and front wheels. We advise carrying out this step once per season
  6. Finally, cover your EGO cordless mower with a clean blanket as extra protection from moisture and low temperatures. Do not use a plastic sheet to cover your mower as this will trap moisture and encourage rust and corrosion

Conditions and location for storage

Choosing the right place to store your cordless mower can prevent a host of problems, including damage to the battery. To keep your mower in the best shape, we advise you to:

  1. Choose a building that has a level floor, is completely dry and airtight
  2. Ensure the roof doesn't leak
  3. Avoid storing your cordless mower in a precarious position where it has the potential to cause injury to yourself or other damage
  4. Store the battery separately in a warm, dry location. If you’re not storing it inside your own home, wrap it liberally in a cloth, and store in a box away from moisture. It might be worth checking on them periodically during the winter to ensure they’re still secure

The risks of not storing your lawn mower properly

EGO tools are built from excellent quality materials, and while they are certainly reliable, like anything, when subjecting them to unfavourable storage conditions, or neglecting to care for them could encourage them to become less so. 

Any steel parts are at risk of rusting when exposed to moisture, which makes them brittle and prone to breakage. Parts which consist of aluminium will corrode when exposed to water and again will decrease its lifespan.

This is why it’s vital to store your mower in a dry location and wipe dry any moisture on your cordless mower. As all tools are susceptible to compromised performance when exposed to unfavourable storage conditions, you can apply this advice to all EGO tools. 

Fungal spores and bacteria belonging to diseases such as ‘lawn rust’ can harbour over winter in grass clippings left on your mower and then be reintroduced in the spring. Removing the debris and disposing of it properly will prevent this risk. 

EGO provides excellent warranties on all our tools, including our range of battery lawn mowers. We have a nationwide network of EGO approved dealers, so you’re never too far from support should you need it.