The best (and worst) times to mow your lawn

Mid-morning or late afternoon? That is the question we answer when it comes to choosing the best time to mow your lawn in the summertime.

The best (and worst) times to mow your lawn

Our busy schedules, weather and other commitments often dictate when we should dig our battery lawn mower out of the garden shed. And when the weekend rolls around, we mow the lawn as and when it is most convenient. 

However, with the following knowledge at your disposal, you are likely to think twice and give your lawn mower top priority as you plan your weekend. 

How the times of day matter

Depending on the time you choose to mow your lawn this summer, there are heaps of benefits, as well as some risky downsides too. 

Early morning 

Perhaps the worst time of the day to choose to mow your lawn is early in the morning, between the hours of 7-10am. Mowing wet grass from either morning dew or rainfall will not only increase the chances of your cordless lawn mower getting clogged, but will also encourage a number of other problems:

  • Fungal diseases such as Anthracnose 
  • Tears the grass which leaves your lawn patchy and open to infection 
  • Ruts in your lawn and compacted soil
  • Areas of longer and shorter grass 
  • Reduced cutting effectiveness

On top of all of the above risks, you also have the additional risk of ripping or yanking your grass from the roots as the lawn mower uproots the grass instead of cutting it.  The end result being a lawn with more brown spots than an overripe banana. 

Our advice? Best leaving off your cordless lawn mower all tucked up until mid-morning. 


By 10am, your lawn has had sufficient time to dry, and (weather depending) the problems associated with mowing wet grass are no longer a risk. Coupled with the fact that the grass has sufficient time to recover from cutting, mowing mid-morning is the best time to do so. 

One caveat to this - if your lawn is still in shade, you are best waiting until the next best time to mow your lawn. 


Remember how we said early morning was the worst time to mow your lawn? Well this is the second-worst time. 

Mowing your lawn in the heat of the day can cause turf stress to your lawn. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid mowing your lawn during hot, sunny weather. That being said, if you decide to use your lawn mower at this time, cut a maximum of one third off the length of your lawn. 

Late afternoon

Between the hours of 4 and 6pm is the second-best time to cut your grass with your cordless lawn mower because:

  • The day is still warm but cooler than midday, which means that there is no risk to exposing your lawn to the heat and burning it 
  • Lawns are most at risk from fungal attacks after dusk, when the moisture in the air is more likely to condense onto your lawn
  • The time of day is still early enough to let the cut grass heal before nightfall

What about in Spring?

With the days starting later and the sun setting earlier, this can throw your optimal mowing schedule out the window. Here’s what we advise when mowing your lawn before the first day of summer:

  • Try and aim for mowing your lawn at mid-morning, but check to see if the grass is dry before starting up your lawn mower 
  • Mowing early doors and at midday are still no-goes. However, try and get your last mow in by 4pm 

Looking for a more in depth guide for using your cordless lawn mower in spring? Have a read of our blog on how to cut your lawn for the first time this year. Just make sure to give your battery lawn mower a good checking over before you start.