The best battery holster, cable and arborist’s strop for professionals

There are many benefits to this battery holster that make it an essential accessory for any professional tree surgeon. 

The best battery holster, cable and arborist’s strop for professionals

Every tree surgeon or garden professional should have a battery holster in their tool shed. Tools like the EGO CSX3000 battery chainsaw are easy to handle on their own, however you can make it easier on yourself and le the EGO ABH3000 Battery Holster carry some of the load. 

That’s not all though, in fact there are plenty of other features that make this a handy little accessory. 

Benefits and features of the ABH3000 Battery Holster

Easy attachment to your safety belt 

Keep the EGO battery cable tight and compact against you with the easy clip-on attachment on the cable. Simply clip the attachment to your safety belt and off you go. 

The attachment keeps the cable from snagging and catching on tree branches, fence posts or other objects you may encounter when undertaking chainsaw tasks like felling trees. Not only is a loose cable a nuisance, but a loose cable could also cause tripping and injury. 

Chainsaw attachment hook

The EGO Battery holster is easily attached to the chainsaw via the hooks which are situated on the holster cable. The cable provides the power from the battery to the chainsaw, but also means the chainsaw is secured to your body in case you accidentally drop it.

Integrated safety strop

We’re aware how risky a tree surgeon’s job can be. Perilous situations like sawing off large boughs while up a tree may be part of the job, but you should always be safe and secure. 

The EGO battery holster comes with an integrated safety strop to keep you secure in such situations, eliminating the risk of you falling and injuring yourself.

EGO battery compatible holster

Designed to house the EGO BA2240T 4.0Ah rechargeable battery, which is especially designed for use with the EGO CSX3000 Chainsaw, the EGO battery holster takes the weight of the rechargeable battery and delivers its power effectively for any arborist’s task. 

Other EGO tools for our rechargeable batteries

We have plenty of other tools for your EGO battery, like the PAD5000E Nexus Escape Power Inverter. Here’s a brief overview of some of the other EGO tools for rechargeable batteries: 

  • EGO CHU6000 Multi-port charging case - Intelligent power management from this tool means that it charges batteries with the lowest level of charge first and then charges all the rechargeable batteries equally at the same rate.
  • BAX1501 Professional-X Backpack Battery - Compatible with all EGO Power+ tools, but especially for our Professional-X range. AttachEGO’s Professional-X backpack battery the tool if using Professional-X tools, or to the ADB1000 adapter if using a tool from our Power+ or Professional range  making any EGO cordless tool even lighter to use.
  • EGO CH5500E Rapid Charger - Achieve full charge from just 30 minutes so you can put your EGO battery on charge from flat and be back with the task at hand in no time.

No matter what tool you choose to accompany your cordless activities, the EGO ABH3000 Battery Holster is a must for any tree surgery you are planning to undertake.