The results are clear, battery power tools are a safer option than petrol!

Battery powered garden tools are helping to minimise the risks of noise pollution and vibration that are synonymous with using petrol powered garden tools, especially over long periods. It shows battery power is certainly the safest option.

The results are clear, battery power tools are a safer option than petrol!

It’s been well documented that noise and vibration have a negative impact on people and the environment. However, ‘real-life’ tests to show the contrast of this impact between petrol and battery powered tools, has not been widely done. Independent research shows that EGO’s battery technology reduces the risks when compared to petrol powered tools and takes the industry to a much safer space. 

EGO vs competitors - testing noise and vibration 

EGO commissioned Earlesmere, a leading on-site noise and vibration testing company to test their range of rotary mowers, battery hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, leaf blowers and chainsaws against leading petrol-powered competitors in real-life scenarios. The noise output of the range was measured in decibels (dB), whereas exposure to vibrational output was measured in metres per second squared (m/s²).  

Explanation of terminology

Before diving into the outcomes, let’s look at some context around decibels as a measurement. 

Essentially, 100 decibels (which can be considered dangerous to human hearing/hearing loss over long periods of exposure) in noise output is roughly the sound of:

  • A music concert
  • A monster truck show
  • Live sporting events such as football or rugby

The 3 decibel rule

Having said that, if one concert equates to 100 decibels then 2 concerts would equate to 103 decibels. This is due to what is known as the ‘3 decibel rule’. 

The 3 decibel rule states that every doubling of an object, in terms of noise output, equals to a 3dB increase. What can appear as only a slight increase (3dB) in decibels is actually a lot more noise to be exposed to. 

Noise results

During the test, the petrol-powered equivalent line trimmer emitted 103.80 dB, whereas the EGO BCX3800 Professional Brush Cutter emitted just 88.00 dB. 

According to the ‘3 decibel rule’, the equivalent tools emitted more noise than two EGO BCX3800 Professional Brush Cutters combined. On the other hand, just one EGO brush cutter emitted the same number of decibels as vacuum cleaner.

The EGO Hedge Trimmer (HTX7500) emitted just 84.3 dB, while the petrol equivalent emitted 95.1 dB. To emit the same amount of noise as its petrol counterpart, you would need more than three EGO Hedge Trimmers (HTX7500) all running at the same time.

All other EGO models that were tested were found to be quieter than their petrol counterparts. These models were: 

  • EGO LB7650E Leaf Blower
  • EGO LM1701E Push Mower
  • EGO CS1800E Chainsaw
  • EGO HTX7500 Professional Hedge Trimmer

See the table below for the results in detail.

Vibration results

The EGO range is not only comparable in terms of performance, but they emit less greenhouse gases, and are safer for users, too. For instance the EGO Brush Cutter (BCX3800) emitted just 1.17 m/s² of vibration. By comparison its petrol competitor emitted 3.07 m/s². 

Thanks to EGO’s innovative battery technology, EGO models operate below the daily exposure limit. It was found that they all emitted less than 5 m/s² of vibration - the maximum an employee can be exposed to in the UK and EU. 

To see the results for vibrational output of the other EGO models, see the table below. 

The health impact of noise

Prolonged exposure to the noise emitted from a petrol-powered engine can lead to several negative health impacts. These include:

  • Tinnitus 
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression 

Noise pollution doesn’t just impact the user. Constant, loud noise has a negative impact on animals and wildlife in the surrounding area too - whether that be a garden, park or recreational space. 

Working quietly with EGO outdoor power equipment eliminates the impact of noise and vibration for the user. This means you can work in close proximity to homes, schools, hospitals and businesses without causing a nuisance.

The health impact of vibration

Vibration certainly does matter - for casual gardeners as well as landscaping professionals who are using power tools all day, every day. Here’s why:

  • Excessive exposure to vibration can cause loss of hand strength, which in turn impacts your ability to perform other everyday tasks 
  • A long-term condition known as ‘Vibration White Finger (VBW)’ can actually be a direct result of operating machinery that causes excessive amounts of vibration. This can cause permanent loss of feeling or tingling in your hands and arms

Battery power and regulations

In the UK and EU, the maximum amount of hand arm vibration an employee can be exposed to in a day is 5 m/s². EGO outdoor powered tools fall well within these limits, moving the industry in the right direction in terms of safety. 

To work with less impact to yourself and the environment, visit our full range of EGO products. Not only can you work safer, but round the clock too without disturbing your surroundings.

EGO vs competitors noise output

EGO vs competitors noise output


EGO vs competitors vibrational output

EGO vs competitors vibrational output