Using the 2 different functions of EGO’s innovative Misting Fan

With intuitive and practical features including the rechargeable battery, the new FN1800E Misting Fan is a must-have for the summer.

Using the 2 different functions of EGO’s innovative Misting Fan

EGO’s new FN1800E Misting Fan has been designed for indoor and outdoor ventilation and outdoor cooling or misting. It’s quiet and compact, which means it’s not intrusive wherever you wish to use it.  

Not only that, the misting fan can be used with or without a mist. All it takes to differ between the two functions is a little know-how. 

Unboxing the FN1800E Misting Fan

We know you’ll be eager to use the fan, but do not insert your battery until you’ve read the manual and have completed assembly. The same goes for when the misting fan is not in use or when you come to make adjustments or clean the tool. 

Operating the fan for misting

EGO’s fan with misting spray has double airflow technology, you can connect it to a water source and create your own cool oasis on the hottest of days. It’s easy to set up and can provide a mist at different speeds. Here’s how to set up and use the water mist fan:

  1. Fill a clean bucket or other vessel with clean, cold water
  2. Remove the battery pack from the misting fan and keep it away from the water source 
  3. Unclip the water intake tube from the inside the misting fan. Submerge the end of the tube in the level bucket of cold water 
  4. Re-install the battery and close the battery cover
  5. Press the power button to turn the fan on
  6. To start misting, press the misting selection button

Two misting functions

The fan has two misting functions - continuous and intermittent. It’s easy to apply either, just at the touch of a button in fact. 

1. Intermittent misting function

The intermittent misting function is especially useful for setting up in a greenhouse to water plants without soaking them through, or for garden parties where a cooling intermittent mist would feel welcome. To activate the intermittent misting function:

  1. Make sure the battery pack is installed and the battery cover is closed. Also submerge the water intake nozzle in a clean bucket of water 
  2. Press the power button to turn on the fan
  3. Press the misting mode selection button twice - one green light will show to indicate intermittent misting 

2. Continuous misting

To switch to continuous misting, press the misting mode selection button twice more. The misting fan will stop misting intermittently and start again continuously. This continuous fan misting function is great for times when you'll be active, especially in warm weather.

This includes sports events, on construction sites and other places you're going to be on your feet and moving around. The continuous function can also be used to help you with a quick cool down after strenuous activity.

Using the fan without mist

You can use the fan without the misting function. To simply use a fan only, keep the water intake tube secured on the inside of the fan and follow the below steps:

  1. Re-install the battery pack and close the protective battery cover
  2. Press the power button and the fan should start

Where to use the misting fan

Portable, cordless and quiet, the EGO misting fan is compact and portable so you can take it with you and set it up easily wherever you need it, like:

  • Sporting events
  • Outdoor gatherings like summer BBQs 
  • Hotel resorts
  • Camping trips
  • Construction sites
  • Greenhouses
  • Gardens 

Exceptional warranty

The EGO misting fan comes with at least 5 years of warranty for domestic use, though this doesn’t cover faults caused by improper storage and maintenance. 

All EGO tools come with a manual, or a PDF version can be downloaded from the bottom of any of our product pages. We recommend you read the manual in order to carry out proper maintenance and get the most from your misting fan.