Domestic Cordless chainsaws

Powerful yet user-friendly chainsaws designed for safe, comfortable use and requiring less maintenance. Ideal for keen gardeners and better for the environment.

Chainsaws that put safety and comfort first

Welcome to the EGO Power+ cordless chain saw range. Built to tackle the hardest jobs with minimum fuss. They're equipped with robust safety and other thoughtful features, bringing professional grade cordless technology within the reach of every gardener.

In particular, our Power+ range of chain saws have a feisty chain speed, and a selection of bar lengths to tackle branches and medium sized logs effortlessly. As these chain saws were designed with less heavy duty sawing in mind, they're perfect for dense vegetation, pruning fruit trees or chopping logs for firewood.

We've invested heavily in research and development, and know how important it is to provide not only a tough tool, but one which is comfortable to use. Without batteries, these chain saws weigh under 4kg, and when equipped with the 2.5Ah battery provided in the kit product (CS1401E), it weighs a modest 5kg.

Tool-free chain tensioning makes adjustment simple, while its auto-lubrication feature keeps the chain moving freely at all times - it has a handy oil inspection window too, so you’ll know if you’re running low.

Our cordless chainsaws also have impressive run times - you'll be amazed how much you can cut from a single charge. All cordless chainsaws in the Power+ range are engineered to last longer, so maintenance time and service costs are minimised.

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