Pro X cordless chainsaw

Outstanding chainsaw performance - day in, day out 

EGO’s Pro-X range of cordless chainsaws is built to tackle even the hardest jobs with minimal fuss. With robust safety features and run-times as standard, they enhance productivity and protect the well-being of landscaping professionals and grounds maintenance teams.

Built to last, the Pro-X range of cordless chainsaws delivers clean, quiet, safe and productive work. They are engineered to work harder, all-day-every-day, in the most challenging conditions. 

The safety features of the entire cordless chainsaw range include chain kickback and electric brake to protect teams while they work, as well as producing lower noise levels, less vibration and zero emissions. And because they are quieter, lighter with no emissions and less vibration, teams can work comfortably for longer. 

Tool-free chain tensioning makes adjustment simple, while its auto-lubrication feature keeps the chain moving freely at all times - it has a handy oil inspection window too. Our cordless chainsaws also have impressive run times - you'll be amazed how much you can cut from a single charge of the ARC Lithium™ battery.

All cordless chainsaws in the Pro-X range are engineered to last longer, minimising maintenance time and service costs.

Our cordless chainsaws push the boundaries of battery technology, with the power and performance to surpass petrol-powered equivalents. They take petrol-free working to a whole new level and ensure high productivity levels. 

EGO’s Pro-X range of tools is designed to deliver maximum battery power that outperforms petrol. All cordless tools in the Pro-X range are compatible with several battery options, offering ultimate flexibility to complete any job, large or small.

Pro X Range