Low running costs, zero emissions and significantly quieter than petrol. EGO's domestic mower range offers incredible mulching and collecting performance. A rear roller can also be attached to create a striped finish.

Cordless lawn mowers with a difference

The EGO Power+ range of cordless lawn mowers offer clean, quiet, safe working, with features that reduce the time and effort it takes to cut your lawn - after all, there are better things to be doing on a Sunday morning.

Our Power+ lawn mower range is perfect for those with small to medium sized gardens. The smaller cutting width, they still provide more than enough coverage to complete your lawn, and means they're nimble enough to get up close to trees, bushes and other obstacles which may usually pose issues when cutting the grass. Depending on which mower kit you purchase will depend on the surface area which you'll be able to cut up to in a single charge. In this range, we also have a choice between push mowers and self-propelled mowers, providing more flexibility around your garden environment.

When you purchase a mower in the Power+ range for domestic use, we provide you with a 5 year tool warranty, or a 1 year warranty if you're using the tool for professional use. You can claim your warranty when you register your product within 30 days of purchase. 

All of EGO's cordless lawn mowers are significantly quieter than traditional petrol-powered alternatives. They have zero-emissions and produce less vibration than a petrol mower, so they're better for the environment, and more comfortable to use. If you’re pressed for time and find yourself needing to cut the lawn in the evening, or just prefer to cut in cooler temperatures, the front facing LED headlights will guide your way. 

Battery operated and built to last, our mowers are engineered in a way that reduces maintenance time and keeps service costs to a minimum. They also fold flat for convenient storage.

Power+ Range