How to edge lawns using a trimmer

The line trimmer isn’t a garden tool designed for edging lawns but, if you don’t have a lawn edger, it can step up.

How to edge lawns using a trimmer

Best tools for lawn edging

We recommend a cordless battery-powered or electric lawn edger tool, which is suitable for small and large areas. 

The EGO range of line trimmers is quieter, doesn’t give off emissions (like a petrol model) and has less vibration. Also, you don’t have to worry about power cables being long enough or getting in the way.

Or you could give our lawn edging multi-tool attachment a try. It’s ideal for neatening edges along paths, driveways or flowerbeds. 

You could try a spade, though it will be physically more demanding and time-consuming and it’s more difficult to get a straight edge.

Tips for edging your lawn with a line trimmer

Before you start, check your battery is charged. For example, an EGO 56V 2.5Ah battery in a 35cm line trimmer will give you up to 60 minutes’ strimming time and can be fully recharged in 50 minutes with a rapid charger

You can get longer running times using a higher capacity battery - EGO batteries are interchangeable with all our cordless power tools.

Use your garden tools safely

  1. Check the safety advice in your line trimmer manual
  2. Check wear and tear on your equipment before using it.  If you need to replace it, contact your nearest dealer for a replacement part
  3. Check for obstacles in your working area that might pose a danger
  4. Wear appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses, ear protection, good boots and trousers
  5. Take a stable, balanced stance on good ground
  6. Hold your cordless line trimmer firmly with both hands

The process of edging with a line trimmer

  • Tilt the trimmer head to the side, making sure the line will spin away from you. For reference, our 35cm line trimmer spins clockwise
  • Rest the shaft on your shoulder. The telescopic shaft on our ST1400E-ST 35cm line trimmer allows you to adjust it to fit your position comfortably
  • Cordless line trimmers have the advantage over petrol equivalent models here, as you won’t be resting the engine next to your head, which is risky
  • Angle the head at about 90 degrees to the edge and start edging
  • This EGO trimmer also has variable speed selection, so you can start slow and take your time

And don’t forget

  • While a line trimmer will do, a cordless lawn edger is the ultimate tool for the job
  • Check your manual for full information on safe and correct operation, cleaning and storage of your cordless line trimmer

What do the professionals think about our cordless line trimmers? Check out why Robert Patterson, Course Manager at Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, has ditched petrol trimmers in favour of EGO's cordless equivalent.

We have great confidence our products can handle the toughest jobs and make yours into a lawn to be proud of. Like all our products, the line trimmer comes with an exceptional warranty.