How to sharpen your brush cutter blade

We walk you through the steps to sharpen your cordless brush cutter blade properly. 

How to sharpen your brush cutter blade

Useful for cutting through tough and woody weeds and brambles, cordless brush cutters achieve this through their rotating metal blades that make light work of clearing overgrown patches of your garden. 

A blunt blade however, can make this task tougher than it needs to be. Therefore, it’s important to give your brush cutter some TLC every now and then and sharpen its blades. It’s not hard to do this, but it does take some careful time and consideration. 

Prepare what you need 

To sharpen your cordless brush cutter, here’s what you need:

Sharpening your battery brush cutter

If you’re using a battery brush cutter like the EGO BCX3800, first make sure the battery is removed and stored safely away from the tool. It will be easier if you remove the blade from the tool, you can find how to do this in the instruction manual. 

You are now ready to sharpen your tool. 

1. Secure the blade

Carefully place the brush cutter blade in the vice and tighten it so it is rigid and cannot move. To avoid scratching or damage to the blade, drape a cloth over the inside of the vice so it doesn’t mark your brush cutter blade. 

2. Clean the blade and lubricate

Using the wire brush and soapy water, brush the blade carefully but firmly to remove any stuck soil or debris from the blade. If you don’t have a wire brush, a stiff brush will work just as well. 

After you have cleaned the blade, wipe it dry with a cloth and rub the blade with lubricating oil. 

3. Check the blade for any imperfections

Check the brush cutter blade all around to see if there are chips, gouges or dents in the blade. If there are any, these may impact the cutting performance of the tool and you may need to  consider swapping the blade for a new one

4. Sharpen the blade using a file 

Assess the blade and look to see the existing cutting edge. You want to file the blade at the same angle of the cutting edge. Just like when sharpening a chainsaw, make smooth, even strokes in the same direction along the cutting edge. 

As you file the cutting edge, assess the blade and if it is shiny then you know it is sharp. Stop filing when you reach the desired sharpness. 

5. Check for burrs and remove

After you have finished sharpening the battery brush cutter blade, check for burrs along the edge of the blade. Should you notice any, file them off with the file. Bear in mind, you may need to re-file the blade edge where the burr was in order to make the spot sharp again. 

6. Clean, oil and reattach the blade

Wipe the blade clean with a cloth to remove any metal filings. Then apply a small amount of lubricating oil to your cloth and wipe it all over the blade one more time. 

Finally consult the instruction manual to reattach the blade, making sure the blade is fitted securely. If you have a battery brush cutter, reattach the battery. We recommend testing the tool before use to see if it’s running smoothly. 

EGO’s range of cordless brush cutters

EGO has a wide variety of grass trimmers and cordless brush cutters. Some are ideal for trimming back borders of lawns and around the base of trees, others are better for tackling larger overgrown areas. 

To see which one is right for you and your needs, head over to our grass trimmers and cordless brush cutters page and have a browse. 

All EGO Power+, Professional and Professional-X brush cutters come with exceptional warranty. Each tool comes with 5 years warranty for domestic use and up to 3 years for professional use.