How to use a lawn edger safely

You should know how to use the lawn edger safely before operating. Read the manual as well as this blog on how to use this essential tool in the safest way possible.

How to use a lawn edger safely

Our lawn edger attaches to the multi-tool power head (PH1400e or PH1420e). Great for adding definition to pathway edges, driveways, flowerbeds and lawns, our lawn edger is a valuable addition to the garden shed. Here, we guide you through the steps to operate your lawn edger tool safely, so you don’t cause yourself more work…

Before operation

Before you operate your lawn edger, give it a thorough inspection. Look for:

  • Damaged blades
  • A loose blade bolt
  • A damaged or worn cutter assembly

If you notice that any parts are worn or damaged, take your battery lawn edger to an EGO certified service technician for it to be taken care of.

Also before operation, check the area you plan to work on for any loose objects such as:

  • Stones
  • Sticks
  • Wire

We recommend you wear full PPE of eye and ear protection, long trousers and substantial footwear before operating and read the manual before operating to avoid accidents.

While operating

Use your lawn edger tool away from bystanders and keep children and pets at a distance from the tool. Only allow adults who are familiar with the tool’s instructions to use the lawn edger.

Operate the edger during daylight hours or in a well-lit area if you’re edging in the evening. When edging on slopes and slippery surfaces, like wet lawns, take extra care with your footing and walk slowly and carefully, keeping your hands and feet away from the rotating blades.

Areas to avoid while edging

Avoid operating your lawn edger tool in the vicinity of any wires or cables. This includes not using the lawn edger near power lines. Keep a minimum distance of 15m from overhead power lines. Contact with or use in close proximity to power lines could result in serious injury or death by electric shock.

Areas containing loose debris can be problematic - they might create a safety issue or damage any battery operated garden tool. Avoid these areas or approach the work with caution. This includes:

  • Pebble driveways
  • Loose stone pathways and walkways
  • Flowerbeds with pebble borders

The benefits of EGO’s battery lawn edger

Lawn edgers like the EGO EA0800 Edger Attachment emit less vibration and harmful fumes. In other words, you’re kinder to the environment and your joints! You’re also less likely to disturb your neighbours, as there's less noise output from EGO battery tools.

EGO's lawn edger allows you to edge your lawn all the way to those hard-to-reach areas you may have had before switching to handheld-battery tools. With a 56V battery that lasts between 50 minutes (4Ah battery) and 530 minutes (backpack battery), the only limit is the charge, and with one of the industry’s fastest chargers, this isn’t much of an inconvenience!