Tips for the last mow of the season

Follow our guidance below so you know what to do when it comes to the last mow of the season. 

Tips for the last mow of the season

When you should do your last mow of the season varies from place to place. Some places have a warmer climate than others, so the grass stops growing at different times of the year.

One thing that is constant, is what you should do come the last mow of the season. Here’s some guidance so when you give your grass its last cut, it can spring back healthier than ever next year.

When you should stop mowing your lawn

The last time you should be mowing your lawn is when the first frost arrives. When the frost comes is location dependent, however it generally arrives in late October or early November. 

1. Set your mowing deck high

Set your cordless mower deck to the highest setting before you mow your lawn. Your aim is to give it a trim and no more. Cutting your lawn too short could damage it as it will have little protection from frost, which will turn it brown.

All EGO battery lawn mowers have multiple cutting height settings:

2. Remove or mulch leaves 

Remove the fallen leaves on your lawn with a rake or leaf blower. Leaves make an excellent addition to your compost, improving drainage and adding a source of carbon too. You can simply collect the leaves and add them to the compost pile, or you can make your own leaf mulch.

Many EGO mowers have the capability to mulch. If your lawn is littered with leaves, simply take your mulching mower and mow over the leafy areas. Your cordless lawn mower will collect the leaf mulch, or scatter it on the lawn. 

3. Mow when it’s dry

The autumn showers that arrive in September make it hard to get on your lawn when it’s dry. However, the sun is still strong enough this time of year to dry out your lawn quickly. 

Using your cordless lawn mower when it’s still wet can result in a number of issues like clogging, unsightly clumps of grass and lawn diseases. It’s best to mow your lawn on a dry day to avoid these issues going into winter. 

4. Apply compost

Applying compost just after you’ve finished your last mow of the year is good practice for two reasons. 

  1. The compost scattered on your lawn will act as an insulator, protecting the lawn from frost and the damage it can cause freshly cut grass. 
  2. Compost is rich in nutrients that boost the fertility of your lawn. Scattering it on your lawn now will mean that when spring rolls around, it’ll have all the nutrients it needs for a healthy start. 

As an alternative to compost, you can try grass mulch. Grass mulch is easier than spreading compost because your battery mower can do the hard work for you. If you’re using an EGO cordless mower like the EGO LM2021E-SP, mulching is easy.  Simply add the mulching plug and off you go.  

Storing your battery mower after its last use

It’s important to store your cordless mower properly over the winter so it continues to perform optimally come the spring. We have a whole blog on how to store your cordless mower for the winter, however as some general guidance:

  • Choose a dry location like a garden shed
  • Remove the battery from your EGO mower before you put it away for the winter
  • Clean your mower thoroughly and sharpen the blades
  • Carry out any servicing necessary like lubricating the bearings on both the rear and front wheels. 
  • Cover your lawn mower with a blanket or other protective covering to keep it dry 

All EGO lawn mowers come with at least 5 years warranty for domestic use, however this doesn’t cover faults caused by improper storage. All the more reason to keep your lawn mower maintained and stored in accordance with our manuals which can be found on any of our product pages.