What is the best line trimmer for sloping lawns?

Line trimmers come in a range of sizes and each one has something different to offer. Some from our range are an excellent choice for sloping lawns.

What is the best line trimmer for sloping lawns?

What makes a grass trimmer ideal for strimming a sloping lawn? Well, there are a handful of cordless grass trimmer characteristics that make it easier to work on a slope:

  • Is it lightweight? 
  • Is it easy to use? 
  • Does it have good weight distribution? 

With these in mind, here’s our shortlist of grass trimmers that tick the boxes and make it easy to strim a sloping lawn.

Grass trimmers perfect for sloping lawns

1. EGO STX3800 

With a carbon fibre drive shaft, the STX3800 Professional-X battery grass trimmer is one of the lightest of all the EGO grass trimmers. It’s compatible with the EGO Power+ backpack and Pro-X backpack battery too, which spread its weight evenly for a balanced and comfortable experience. You also have less chance of slipping. 

The grass trimmer’s loop handle is easily adjusted so you can find the best position to work in - important when you’re working against the gravity of a slope. 

2. EGO BCX3800

Similar to the STX3800 cordless grass trimmer, the BCX3800 has a carbon fibre draft shaft and is compatible with the Pro-X harness. Both of these features combine to make the tool lightweight, balanced and easy to manoeuvre, regardless of the gradient of your lawn. 

3. EGO ST1300E-S

The ST1300E-S is a powerful and efficient grass trimmer. It’s only 33cm too, making it small and compact. It keeps the weight close to the user so they don’t feel unbalanced and lose footing on sloping lawns. 

Weighing at only 2.7KG minus the battery (our 56V batteries weigh in at 2.2KG), it’s lightweight so you are not having to carry a heavy tool against gravity while working uphill.

Getting the most out of your cordless grass trimmer

To keep getting consistently good results from your cordless grass trimmer, consult the manual on how to maintain it. All EGO product manuals can be found at the bottom of any of our product pages for the relevant EGO manual for your tool. 

All EGO battery grass trimmers come with at least a 5 year EGO warranty for domestic use, however this doesn’t cover faults caused by improper maintenance. All the more reason to keep your grass trimmer maintained in accordance with our manuals.