What is the best grass trimmer for small gardens?

EGO grass trimmers come in a range of sizes and some include features that make them especially good to use for strimming small garden areas and lawns.

What is the best grass trimmer for small gardens?

Every garden owner - large or small- should have a grass trimmer in their shed. But what features make a grass trimmer ideal for small gardens? As it turns out, there are a handful of cordless grass trimmer characteristics that make it ideal for tiny lawns. 

Best garden trimmer features: small & powerful

1. Weight

Your grass trimmer should be light enough to handle so you don’t get tired holding the tool whilst operating. There’s a health and safety element too, handling heavy objects for long periods of time can cause strain and injury. 

To counteract this, EGO grass trimmers in the Power Plus and Professional ranges come with extra support from single or double shoulder harnesses to help take some of the weight. Grass trimmers from our Professional-X range plug into a backpack battery, so they’re already very light to use.

2. Size of tool

The size of your grass trimmer goes hand-in-hand with its manoeuvrability, as well as storage capability. A grass trimmer with a short reach is easily managed and makes it easy to strim small areas. 

3. Performance 

Your grass trimmer power source should last long enough to cover the area you need to strim. 

Battery grass trimmers like the EGO ST1610E-T come with a removable battery and are easy to recharge. Plus, if you have a spare battery, you can swap out the battery for a fully charged one on the go. 

Choosing battery power also means no more toxic emissions, less vibration and quieter operation, as well as removing the risks of storing petrol. 

4. Long warranty periods

You can tell if a grass trimmer manufacturer is serious about the quality of their product - they give you an exceptional warranty period.

For reference, EGO warranties for domestic use grass trimmers last for 5 years and up to 3 for professional users. 

Our choice for best cordless grass trimmer for small gardens

The best grass trimmer in our range for small gardens is the ST1300E-S 33cm cordless grass trimmer. It’s lightweight (weighing just 2.7 KG without the battery), easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, thanks to its overall 173cm length. Equipped with our smallest battery that lasts up to 70 minutes when strimming, it has sufficient run time to cut your small patch in one go.

Made from aluminium, its lightweight design makes it easy to operate without causing strain. For extra comfortable use, it comes with a loop handle and a brushless motor that emits less vibration than petrol grass trimmers

The ST1300E-S 33cm is our lightest - but not our shortest. If you have a really tight space, either the ST1400E-ST (165cm overall) or the ST1530E (167cm overall) might be the best cordless grass trimmer for you.

The tool is designed for convenience, equipped with a bump head so you can easily replace your line on the go. It’s constant-speed control feature ensures consistent trimming. Powered by our revolutionary ARC Lithium™ 56v battery combined with two-speed modes mean you can ramp up the power to slice through overgrown areas with ease. 

Need to strim for longer periods of time? Browse our range of batteries and choose the battery that will last long enough for your needs. Or, you can claim a free 4.0Ah battery via our battery promotion, provided you are eligible. 

The cordless grass trimmer has excellent durability thanks to its free-rotating bump cap. This innovation lets you rest the cutting head on the ground without it being worn away. It comes as a kit, too - so if you're new to EGO, choosing this grass trimmer would equip you with a battery and charger to use in any other EGO tool. 

Getting the most out of your cordless grass trimmer

To keep getting consistently good results from your cordless grass trimmer, consult the manual on how to maintain it. All EGO product manuals can be found at the bottom of any of our product pages.

All EGO cordless grass trimmers come with at least 5 years warranty for domestic use, though this doesn’t cover faults caused by neglect or improper maintenance. Repairs and part replacements should be carried out by a qualified EGO technician at your local EGO approved dealer.