Where to use your EGO Rotocut attachment

The Rotocut multi-tool attachment is specially designed to remove weeds and cut grass in places that would be too difficult for other tools.

Where to use your EGO Rotocut attachment

EGO’s Rotocut attachment is perfect for cutting weeds, moss and grass close to the ground. It has been designed with counter-rotating blades which cut in a manner so it doesn’t throw debris all over the place, and risk damaging nearby property.  

Coming with a debris guard, you may opt to use the Rotocut for very specific places instead of a brush cutter or grass trimmer

The most appropriate places to use the Rotocut attachment

Patios and backyards

Even the most well-kept and newly laid patios and backyards are never fully weed-free. Whether that be grass growing from between the grouting, or dandelions growing amongst your pebbled back yard, the last thing you want to do is whip up a pebble and send it on a wayward journey to your patio window.

With its design to cut in a controlled manner and not throw debris around, the Rotocut is the ideal tool to whip off those weeds with little risk of damaging surrounding property. 


Whilst weeds may not find their way growing through your tarmac driveway, moss will certainly collect at the edges. The length of time it would take to go the traditional route and brush the moss off by hand would make anyone put the task off. 

That being said, the Rotocut eliminates the time component of this task. The tool has 450 rpm cutting speed and a cutting width of 23cm, plus an attachment for precision and protection. All this makes an effective tool to clear moss off the edges of your driveway with little fuss. 


Cutting back grass or weeds at the base of fencelines is a delicate task. In fact, far too delicate a task for a cordless lawn mower. We even believe that although a grass trimmer will get the job done effectively, your best tool for this is the Rotocut. 

Equipped with an attachment for precision and protection, as well as blades that give a clean and efficient cut, the Rotocut allows you to cut delicate areas. You can cut grass under a fence line without risk of damaging the tool or the structure by catching the blades on the fence. 

For an extra precaution, you can always attach the elastoblade for trimming around delicate areas such as fencelines and stone walls. The 3-sided flexible nylon blade reduces the risk of damaging property that would normally get damaged from a metal blade.

Maintaining your Rotocut after use

No doubt you will want your tool to carry on performing optimally and achieve great results. Carrying out simple maintenance of your Rotocut head before each use will do a lot to ensure this. 

In fact, we have plenty of articles showing you how to maintain your EGO tool. Head over to our EGO news page and check out our blog library to find the appropriate guide which shows you how to maintain your EGO tool.