Blow petrol powered blowers out of the park


Activate Peak Power™ Technology by combining the power of two EGO batteries for maximum output and runtime making clearing work faster. Designed with an improved user interface, control system and newer, more powerful motor, the LBP8000E takes comfortable, efficient working to the next level.

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  • Max. air volume (m3/h)


  • Max. air speed (m/s)


  • Max. propulsive force

    26 N

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Product Specification

Voltage (V)56
Battery PortDual Port
Max. Propulsive Force (N)26
Blower TypeAxial
Chest BeltYes
Adjustable HandleYes
Max. Air Volume (m³/h)1360
Max. Air Speed (m/s)71
Max. Air Speed W. Cone Nozzle (m/s)85
Tool Weight (kg)7.2
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Full Product Description

The LBP8000E Backpack Blower delivers 1360m³/h, air speeds up to 190 mph, and 26N push force to power through the day.
This battery-powered backpack blower features a high-performance brushless motor with intelligent electronics to deliver power equivalent to a 60cc petrol engine.
Tailor performance with digital controls including a battery level indicator and speed control with turbo lock on the blower’s fully adjustable hand grip and tube.
Its IPX5-rated weather resistance for all-day professional use in the toughest conditions, and runs up to 76 minutes on low, 36 minutes on high, and 24 minutes on turbo with two 56V 6.0Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries for example.
Maximise your productivity with minimal start-up tasks and less routine maintenance compared to petrol alternatives.

Benefits of EGO Power+ Technology

  • Battery power and compatibility
    Delivering the power you need, for every job. Our 56V ARC Lithium™ battery is a marvel of engineering that surpasses the competition on every level, and have the capability to out perform petrol. All our 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries are interchangeable across the entire EGO cordless range - so there’s a battery for every tool and every job.
  • Durability and Performance
    As a mature, market-leading company and part of the Chervon Group, we pride ourselves on best practices that ensure our products are of the highest possible standard. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality and performance of our tools that we offer industry-leading warranties for tools and batteries purchased by professional and domestic users.
  • Eco friendliness
    At EGO, we think beyond performance. Our experts are relentless in their drive to innovate tools for a better world. EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries not only outperform fuel, they are better for the environment. Help us lead Europe to a battery powered future and commit to the smarter, greener way of working outdoors.


    Designed to maximise performance
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  • Exterior Mounted Battery
    Stays cool to deliver longer lasting power
    02 / 05
  • Power Management System
    Ensures the very best power, performance and run time
    03 / 05
  • Unique 'Keep Cool'™ Technology
    Maintains performance by preventing overheating
    04 / 05
  • Innovative Arc-Shaped Design
    Lowers temperature across the battery
    05 / 05
Switch to battery and plant a tree all at once.
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