45cm Chain Saw

The new EGO 45cm chain saw is a very powerful chain saw that allows users to cut faster while still maintaining great comfort and safety. The saw cuts at 20m/s which means it can tackle the toughest of jobs in no time. To increase safety and simplicity the new saw comes equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system that takes all the fuss and worry out of tensioning. Tensioning is taken care of by a spring system which is activated by simply turning a handle through 90 degrees.

  • New 2020
Product features
  • 45cm Bar Length
  • 20 M/S Chain Speed
  • Chain Brake
  • Brushless Motor
  • Blade Length
    45 cm
  • Chain Speed
    20 m/s
  • Run Time 2.5Ah
    130 cuts
  • Run Time 5.0Ah
    300 cuts
  • Run Time 7.5Ah
    450 cuts
  • Chain Bar
  • Chain Type
  • Oil Reservoir
    200 ml
  • Chain Brake
  • Noise Rating
    93 LpA
  • Noise Rating
    104 LwA
  • Vibration
    5.1/3.5 M/S
  • Chain Tensioning
    Tool free
  • Weight without Battery
    4.47 kg
  • Motor Type