How to maintain your leaf blower

We offer up some easy-to-follow guidance so you can maintain your own leaf blower in just a handful of steps.

How to maintain your leaf blower

Carrying out proper maintenance of your battery leaf blower should be proper practice after every use. From avoiding the spread of lawn diseases to ensuring longevity of your tool, there are many reasons to justify maintaining your beloved blower.

The simple steps to maintaining your leaf blower

Before carrying out this simple maintenance, make sure that you have the following items to hand:

A clean, damp cloth 
A bucket of warm, soapy water
A clean, dry cloth

1. Wipe it down

Firstly, remove any large pieces of debris such as wet, stuck leaves and mud from the blower by hand (these can then be put to good use around the garden). 

Next, wipe down the whole exterior of the blower with a clean, damp cloth.

2. Check the sound foam

EGO blowers have been shown to produce less noise pollution during operation. However, if you feel your tool is still too noisy, then there could be a chance the sound foam is blocked. 

To solve the issue, simply check the foam for signs of blockage and replace it with the exact EGO replacement part (available form local EGO dealers) if the foam is blocked. 

3. Inspect the hose and connecting cable

Cracks or any other type of damage to the hose can cause it to come off at speed and cause harm. To avoid this, examine the hose and check to see if it is cracked, loose or has suffered any other type of damage. Replace the hose if any of these signs are visible. 

Inspect the connecting cable and if there are any visible signs of wear then replace it. As with any electric-powered item, they are no longer safe to use when parts become worn or damaged and therefore should be replaced before next use. 

Storing your leaf blower

The ideal place for your leaf blower to be stored should be:

  • A well ventilated space
  • Away from dangerous chemicals or flammable substances such as petrol or ethanol
  • A sheltered area where there is no moisture

The lesser known uses of your leaf blower

It is easy to take the name of your tool literally and use it exclusively to blow leaves off your driveway, yard, patio or decking. However, there are other innovative ways in which you can use your leaf blower:

  • Use it as a snow blower to clear outdoor areas 
  • Clean the inside of your car, garage or shed
  • Blow excess debris off your line trimmer, brush cutter or lawn mower 
  • Blow leaves and debris out of your gutters
  • Dry your car after you have washed it

Whatever you decide to use your leaf blower for, any one of EGO’s cordless leaf blower range will be up to the task. Just make sure that you treat your blower with care - maintain it properly and it could outlast those trees that keep it in use every autumn.