Meet one of our most powerful leaf blowers

EGO’s powerful LB6000E battery leaf blower comes with a variety of features that make it perfect for any large garden or landscape professional looking for a tool to take on difficult tasks. 

Meet one of our most powerful leaf blowers

The EGO LB6000E is a must-have cordless blower to keep in the garden shed. It’s fuss-free thanks to its easily removable battery, and delivers more power than most petrol powered leaf blowers on the market. 

Of course, there are more features and benefits. Read on to discover more about our fastest cordless blower. 

Features and benefits of the LB6000E cordless leaf blower

1. Emission-free and reduced vibration 

The LB6000E battery leaf blower along with all EGO Power Plus, Professional and Professional X tools are powered by our unique ARC Lithium™ battery technology. They give off no emissions or vibration, meaning they are safer to operate and have a reduced impact on the environment too. 

2. Turbo power

Harness turbo power by pushing the boost mode button. Delivering additional power from a turbo fan that gives air speeds of over 30mph, the LB6000E battery blower makes light work of the hardest tasks when this mode is activated. Tasks like:

3. Lightweight and easy to handle

Weighing just 5.7KG without the battery, this battery powered leaf blower is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre so your arms don’t get tired when using the tool for long periods of time. In fact, provided with a back harness which takes a portion of the weight, the LB6000E will feel comfortable and easy to work with. 

4. Interchangeable battery

Any one of our EGO batteries fit this battery leaf blower. Depending on your needs, simply select the size of battery you want, click it in and you’re ready to go. To give you an idea, here are some battery sizes with their respective usage times for leaf blowing:

All EGO batteries are interchangeable across our entire cordless range - there’s a battery for every tool and every job. 

5. Controllable air flow

With the option to select the air flow from low volume, low speed to high volume, high speed, you can control the air flow that is most appropriate for the task at hand. 

Maintenance of your cordless leaf blower

You should carry out proper maintenance practise of your cordless leaf blower after every use. From avoiding the spread of lawn diseases to ensuring longevity of your tool, there are many reasons to justify maintaining your battery powered leaf blower.

To know how you should look after your leaf blower properly, from cleaning it after use, to proper storage, read our guide on proper leaf blower maintenance

What else is in the EGO professional range?

The EGO LB6000E battery leaf blower is perfect for professional use. But what other tools are in the professional range to accompany this tool? EGO have a good range of cordless tools like chainsawshedge trimmers and brush cutters perfect for professional use. 

Our professional range of cordless tools are designed for heavy-duty use - they’re perfect for large garden and landscaping professionals. Powerful, hard-wearing and robust - tools from our professional range are ideal for the toughest of tasks. 

They come with great warranty too. EGO tools in the professional range come with extended warranties up to five years for domestic use and 2 years for professional use when registered within 30 days of purchase.