Mowing techniques to encourage a healthy lawn

Here are a few techniques for mowing your lawn that will stand you in good stead for a healthy and thriving lawn.

Mowing techniques to encourage a healthy lawn

During the growing season, it’s tempting to start up your cordless lawn mower and set to work. Good practices will help you develop mowing techniques that ensure it looks healthy and lush throughout the season - and might even need less attention in the long run.

Mowing for the healthiest of lawns

1. Cut once a week (or less)

Cutting your grass no more than once per week ensures:

  1. You protect your grass from experiencing shock, which delays healthy growth
  2. You decrease the chances of lawn diseases, which impact grass growth occurring
  3. A regular cutting schedule means you can cut your lawn by only a third of its original height per week, and keep it manageable - any more will discourage the grass from growing optimally

2. Keep the grass longer during dry periods

Leave your grass longer during dry periods because it leaves more moisture in the grass. In a heatwave you may want to avoid using your mower altogether. It’s better for insects and other wildlife too!

It is OK to mow your grass on dry days, but your grass needs all the moisture it can get in a heatwave and less cutting means healthier, deeper roots. During times of drought, we recommend not mowing your lawn until some rain is forecast in the next few days. 

3. Mow when grass is dry

Mowing when it’s dry promotes a healthy lawn.

  • Dry grass means you can mulch your lawn without the grass clumping together
  • Cutting when it’s dry decreases the chances of lawn infections like Red Thread taking hold
  • Using your cordless lawn mower when its dry avoids turf disruption like ruts and uprooting grass

4. Mulch instead of composting

Remove the collection bag on your cordless or ride on mower so it spreads the grass clippings on the lawn as you mow. The grass clippings are rich in nitrogen. As they decompose, they fertilise and feed your lawn, helping it to bounce back and flourish. Don’t apply too much at a time - and compost the remainder.

Caring for your cordless lawn mower

All EGO mowers come with a manual that details how you can properly maintain your lawn mower. You can also find and download a manual for your EGO tool from the bottom of any of our product pages.

All EGO battery lawn mowers come with at least 5 years warranty for domestic use, however this doesn’t cover faults caused by improper storage. All the more reason to keep your mower maintained in accordance with our manuals and have it serviced regularly by your local dealer.