Professional cordless blowers

Powerful leaf blowers that have been designed for safe, comfortable use and less maintenance. Ideal for keen gardeners and professional landscapers. Zero emissions and better for the environment.

Compact and powerful leaf blowers for all conditions

EGO’s Professional range of cordless leaf blowers are built to last and deliver clean, quiet, safe and productive working. Each has been engineered to work hard, even for sustained periods and in challenging conditions.

Powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor and feature jet turbine technology, they have a large diameter tube to give maximum airflow. The high-efficiency motor runs for longer and with less vibration - much better for the wellbeing of your teams. And because they are quieter, lighter with no emissions and less vibration, you can work comfortably for longer.

Powered by our Arc Lithium™ battery it has a power and performance greater than its petrol-powered equivalents, so it won’t have trouble keeping up.

The variable speed function is standard in the Professional leaf blowers. This keeps you in control, even when it’s in turbo boost mode, which is incredibly powerful and makes clearing windfalls practically effortless.

All cordless leaf blowers in the Professional range are engineered to last longer, so maintenance time and service costs are minimised. All the cordless tools in the Professional range are compatible with a number of battery options, offering ultimate flexibility to complete any job, large or small.

Professional Range