Side and rear discharge cordless lawn mowers - what’s the difference?

Side and rear discharge battery lawn mowers are useful in their own right. Both of them can work for you and your lawn in a number of ways. 

Side and rear discharge cordless lawn mowers - what’s the difference?

Side and rear discharge cordless mowers have benefits to each of them. To see which is the best option for you, have a read of our list we’ve put together. You’ll see what makes these two types of mowers unique and how they can suit you and your lawn

Side Discharge Mowers

A clean cut

Cordless mowers with side discharge like the EGO ZT4201E-S create a vacuum under the mowing deck which sucks the grass upright as the mower passes over the lawn. 

The grass is sliced effectively by the blades of the battery mower resulting in a neat looking lawn.

Mow without interruption

The design of cordless mowers with side discharge mean that grass clippings are less likely to clog the exit chute. This is partly because side discharge battery mowers cut the grass into small pieces. 

With less clogging, mowing your lawn won’t be interrupted with having to stop and unblock the side chute before you’ve finished mowing. 

Deposit grass clippings on flower beds easily

Grass clippings make an excellent mulch and provide essential nutrients like nitrogen to plants. Battery mowers with side discharge can be positioned to deposit grass clippings on garden beds. This gives you an easy way of mulching your plants without the hassle of hand-application. 

Rear discharge cordless mowers 

Grass cuttings are evenly distributed

Cordless mowers with rear discharge deposit the grass clippings on the ground evenly. This means that the grass cuttings decompose and provide your lawn with a nutritious boost quickly. 

Obstacles aren’t a problem

If you have an orchard that needs mowing, you will need to take extra care mowing around the base of fruit trees so you don’t damage them. Mowers with rear discharge are narrow. The shape and dimensions of the cordless mower make it easy to mow around tight spaces, like fruit trees, without catching and causing damage. 

You can mow uneven ground without the risk of scalping it

Uneven ground can prove a challenge for some gardeners. There is a risk of scalping your lawn and leaving a bare patch of soil when mowing it. 

However, rear discharge mowers have few components at the mowing deck which means they are not likely to scalp uneven lawns and leave unsightly bare patches of soil on your lawn. 

Practical and safe                  

Rear discharge battery mowers like the EGO LM1701E are safe to use as well as practical. Rear discharge cordless lawn mowers are designed in a way that small objects like stones are deflected towards the ground after the mower has picked them up. This decreases the risk of causing damage or injury to property and any bystanders. 

EGO mowers with different capabilities 

We have a range of battery mowers, each with different capabilities such as side or rear discharge. After reading this blog, you will now have an idea of which cordless mower is best for you. Here’s a quick overview of some mowers we offer and their capabilities:

Whichever cordless mower you choose, each one comes with excellent warranty. We offer a 5-year warranty for domestic use and up to 2-years for professional use. To top it off, our mowers don’t give off emissions and are cheaper to run than their petrol equivalents. Check out our range of mowers to see for yourself.